Hi! I’m Oesef,

an illustrator and motion designer with a passion for human stories and social impact.


01 Under Current

Sequential Art, Comic, Social ImpactA continuous vertical comic investigating the connection of whales, humans, and the  world, and the poetry of living things.

02 Mind Games

Style Frames, IllustrationMind Games is an episode on This American Life that tells stories of attempts at playful manipulation that end up getting out of hand. I was tasked with creating sequential style frames for a TV promo based on this episode.

03 There Will Be Blood

Title Sequence, PhotographyTitle sequence design for There Will Be Blood, a movie about wealthy oilman Daniel Plainview’s takeover of a small oil-rich town, and Eli Sunday, the young local preacher who stands in his way.

04 Boston Dynamics

Brand IdentityBoston Dynamics is a robotics research and design company that focuses on high-performance, high-mobility robots for research, industrial and commercial purposes. 

05 Let’s Talk About Ending HPV

Collaboration, Campaign, Outreach, Social Impact An inclusive transmedia campaign promoting HPV vaccination and resources to the LGBTQIA+ youth in LA. It centers around destigmatizing and rewriting the misguided narratives around HPV, and community outreach and engagement.

06 Graphic Design

Multiple projects
A collection of graphic design and typographic projects and studies.

07 Haribo

Style Frames, IllustrationThese style frames make up a logo reveal for the confectionary brand Haribo. It builds on their existing “happy world of Haribo” concept by using humor and conveying fun.

08 Tanah Airku
Collaboration, Mural, Outreach, Social Impact
Mural designed for the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in LA to raise awareness of Indonesian culture and diversity to the surrounding communities.

09 Alice in Wonderland

Animation, 3DA 3D animation of my interpretation of three scenes from Lewis’s Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland.