Hello! You can call me Oesef.

Art and design wasn’t the biggest thing in the world to me, until it was. But my fascination with the infinite possibilities of fiction, combined with a penchant for conceptual thinking and critical analysis, is exactly what brought me here. I love exploring the layered complexities of our world, and communicating even a little bit of it, whether it’s through motion, illustration, or comics

My work focuses on human-centric narratives, with a passion in storytelling and intersections of history, identity and social structures. I believe in the power of art and design to initiate change, focusing on problem-solving, social critique, innovation, and impact as key elements in my work. Ultimately, I want to create pieces that matter.

And other times I just want to play video games, improvise recipes, and cry during movies.
2020 Society of Illustrators
Student Scholarship Competition
︎Silverfish, Illustration

ArtCenter Student Gallery
︎The Woods, Animated Short
︎Slow Down for Whales, Poster Design
︎Tanah Airku, Mural Design
︎Soundtrack Your Life, Style Frames for Spotify Short
︎Viral, Illustration
︎Under Current, Comic

ArtCenter Entrance Scholarship Award