Every Mark

Style Frames, Illustration
Design style frames conceptualizing an ident for a company, in this case Depop.


Depop is used to sell secondhand clothes and accessories. This sequence focuses on the memories attached to pieces of clothing, using a jacket as a narrative device that carries the audience through the life and relationship of the main character. When you buy pre-loved clothing, there is a meaningful history behind it that you might not know about.
Individual Project, Concept, Illustration


We start with our character’ birthday party. Her mom give her a jacket that is too large for her, but she is estatic to wear something of her mom’s. She continues to wear the jacket years later as she defends her friend from bullies in their teenage years. On one occassion, the jacket gets caught on a branch and rips. The last frame shows the two of them much older, selling the jacket on Depop. We see the jacket  was mended and embroidered, adding to its history.


I started ideating with a mindmap and sketches before settling into this idea. I was toying with concepts about self-expression, social media, and authenticity. I decided to go with something more sentimental, basing the idea off a jacket of my mom’s that she gave to me.

Character Design
For this sequence, I wanted to design characters that feel like they would use Depop. Depop is very bold, and going with a sentimental route meant I needed extra care to make sure the brand feels represented.


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