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Oesef is an illustrator and motion designer currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design. She is Jakarta-born, LA-based, and plans to graduate in April of 2022.

Throughout my life I’ve always been captivated by the infinite possibilities of fiction and took a liking to literary analysis. Now, I choose to explore the layered complexities of our world by telling stories though motion, illustration and comics. I like to base my work around the things that make us human - memories, feelings, identity... Ultimately, I want to create things that matter.

And other times I just want to play video games, improvise recipes, and cry during movies.



2020 Society of Illustrators
Student Scholarship Competition
    ︎Silverfish, Illustration
ArtCenter Student Gallery
    ︎The Woods, Animated Short
    ︎Slow Down for Whales, Poster Design
    ︎Tanah Airku, Mural Design
    ︎Soundtrack Your Life, Style Frames
    ︎Viral, Illustration
    ︎Under Current, Comic
ArtCenter Provost’s List
ArtCenter Merit-based Scholarship

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