Let’s Talk About Ending HPV

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Team members:
Blossom Liu ︎︎︎
Krish Raheja ︎︎︎
In partnership with Cedars Sinai Research Center for Health Equity (RCHE) through the Designmatters program, we were tasked to create an awareness campaign promoting HPV vaccinations targeted to LGBTQIA+ youth in LA.

HPV is a fairly common virus to contract. A vaccine can protect the types of HPV that most commonly cause cancer, but have been marketed towards only girls, while being equated with sexual activity. The current narrative needed change to promote HPV vaccinations as an important benefit to one’s health. We tackled four challenges; rerouting HPV vaccination conversations, bridging medical mistrust within the community, creating a system for multiple community clinics, and designing inclusive of everyone in such a diverse group.
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Talking about healthcare can be uncomfortable, especially when surrounded by stigma and fear.

The campaign centers around destigmatizing the topic by sparking conversations around it through topics ranging from the casual to the serious. It aims to empower individuals to bridge long standing medical mistrust and health gap within the community.

01 Illustrations

Illustrations humanize and make the difficult topic of HPV more approachable.

Focusing on bold linework, they take inspiration from the shape of the virus and cancer cells itself which are abstracted and placed into a bed of plants. These plants act as a metaphor for the body, effectively turning the idea of vaccinations into self-care, and growth. The main character is an empty slate to represent anyone and everyone.

Murals and guerilla campaigns would rely on these illustrations to create an impact, increase interest, and propagate the campaign.
A system of illustrated icons break things down into digestible steps.

02  Social Media

Social media plays an important role, particularly with our young target audience.

Recognizing the importance of shareability, we strategized a campaign that would draw people in and engage them into sharing the movement with others. A social media kit could also be distributed to clinics, partners and shareholders to engage their communities in the fight against HPV.

It was important to signal visually that multiple clinics and partners are part of the same LGBTQTA+ affirming health campaign, particularly through Instagram posts and stories.

Animated GIFs would function as stickers as well as alongside other digital promotional materials.

04 Website
The website acts as a home for the campaign that provides resources and information on HPV vaccination, as well as for clinics, clubs and organizations interested in getting involved.

05 Posters
As an outreach strategy, the idea of conversation starters was inspired by one of the community leaders. HPV, healthcare and cancers are difficult topics to breach, so lighter conversation starters make up the motif of the posters that always end with “Let’s talk about ending HPV.”

Versions of the campaign represent the different communities under the Pride flag. The FHPV hashtag makes the campaign shareable online and is a tongue-in-cheek abbreviation for “Fight HPV”.

05 Printed collateral
Thinking of accessibility through multiple mediums, we designed printed collaterals to connect healthcare professionals, patients, community leaders and members. These can function in clinics, centers, and events alike.

To ensure patiens receive all three shots of the vaccine, we designed printed and email reminders for clinics to use with the same visual language showing the experience from the streets to the clinics are all designed and accounted for.

Handy printed resource cards enable organizers and clinics to give a comprehensive and endorsed list of clinics. This is especially needed to bridge the longstanding medical mistrust within the LGBTQIA+ community, and to make sure the patients receive the care and treatment they need.

06 Shareables
Lastly, we created shareables that allow the individuals to be able to express themselves and their identities. Customizable shirts, pins with different flags, and temporary tattoos are but some examples. 

With Pride

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