Team members:
Blossom Liu ︎
Krish Raheja ︎

Tracey Shiffman
Ron Romero
In partnership with Cedars Sinai through the DesignMatters program, we created an inclusive transmedia campaign promoting HPV resources and vaccination to LGBTQIA+ youth in LA. The campaign centers around destigmatizing HPV by taking the first step to talk about it, pairing it with conversation starters that range from casual to serious. The language is paired with colors taken from different pride flags, creating a proud and colorful campaign designed for and inclusive of the community.

The visual identity is complemented with an illustration style reflective of the same principles, focusing on bold linework, an abstracted figure, and plant life as a metaphor for the body. The imagery lives throughout the campaign, transcending languages and words to engage the community.

We spent several weeks conducting research and working with Cedars Sinai and their community advisory board, making sure we are not only meeting their needs, but speaking to and including everyone in this campaign.
Illustrations humanize and make the topic more approachable. Taking inspiration from the shape of the virus and cancer cells itself, they are abstracted  and placed into a bed of plants.

The abstracted figure is genderless and colorless, allowing it to represent anyone and everyone.

The original illustration.
Recognizing the importance of shareability, we strategized a guerilla-style campaign that would draw people in and engage them into sharing the movement with others.

Social media plays an important role. We designed some Instagram posts and stories.

Animated GIFs would function as Instagram and Snapchat stickers as well as alongside other digital promotional materials.
The website acts as a home for the campaign that provides resources and information on HPV vaccination, as well as for clinics, clubs and organizations interested in getting involved.

Handy printed resource cards enable organizers and clinics to give a comprehensive and endorsed list of clinics. This is especially needed to bridge the longstanding medical mistrust within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Reminders come in printed and digital forms. The same visual language communicates that the experience, from the streets to the clinics, is designed and accounted for.
A system of illustrated icons throughout the campaign break things down into relatable, digestible steps, guiding the experience.
We created sharables that allow the individuals to be able to express themselves and their identities.

Customizable shirts, pins with different flags, and temporary tattoos are but some of the examples.

All-in-all, we wanted to create a campaign filled with positivity and empowerment to start a much-needed conversation around the topic of healthcare and vaccination, silmutaneously designing it to belong to the community.

With Pride.