Slow Down for Whales

special thanks to:
Esther Watson
Eric Nyquist

ArtCenter Student Gallery,
Spring 2020
Poster designed for UC Santa Barbara’s Benioff Ocean Initiative as part of their awareness campaign on the dangers of ship strikes on whale population recovery.  The course project included lectures from experts and scientists and on-site research to the Aquarium of the Pacific, including a whale-watching tour. 

This poster was designed to be eye-catching and impactful, standing out with bold colors and type. The viewer is looking up at the ship, situated to empathize with the whale. The ship can be seen below the waterline to raise awareness on the largeness of the ships and strikes that happen below the surface, an oft-forgotten reality. The message is clear and specific - reducing ship speeds to 10 knots is effective in reducing ship strikes, especially in crowded areas like their feeding ground, which ships often pass through.