Soundtrack Your Life

Style Frames, Illustration, Collaboration

Designing a one minute short film for Spotify demonstrating the power of music.

Going for an emotional approach, we wanted to explore how music can heal and bring hope, whilst touching on the isolating effect of mental illness. Playing on the trope of a depressed character in a bathtub, we placed them in a stormy ocean to represent the turmoil within, while butterflies flock on them to represent the heaviness of their problems. Hope is seen through a green light from a lighthouse that pierces the darkness and lifts the butterflies off. As the ocean calms down, they begin to pull themselves up. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s the beginning of a better one.
︎︎︎Concept, Story, Character Design, Storyboard

︎︎︎Cash Huang ︎︎︎
︎︎︎Christina Ha ︎︎︎


Looking beyond existing Spotify promotional materials, I wanted to develop a different point of view. I focused on the healing power of music, and how Spotify brings that hope even in the darkest times.

I started with a more playful, young and expressive character, but switched over to a more solemn figure to further highlight the feeling of hopelessness in the beginning of the sequence.


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