Tanah Airku

Collaboration, Mural, Outreach

Team members:
Alithia Hadiwibowo ︎︎︎
Audrey Murty ︎︎︎
We were tasked to design a mural for the external walls of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in LA. The purpose is to raise awareness of Indonesia’s culture, diversity and natural beauty to the surrounding communities.


We were inspired by Tanah Airku (My Homeland), a popular national song describing the beauty of Indonesia and how, even when far away, our heart still lies at home. Knowing the Consulate General to hold events such as Independence Day celebrations, cultural events, educational outreach and others, we want the walls to exude a sense of home and pride to Indonesians living in LA. At the same time, we want to share that experience with surrounding communities so that through this mural people can journey through the wonders of Indonesia. 
Concept,  Research, Illustration, Visual Design


The mural is split into five scenes; starting from left to right there is culture, city life, ocean life, forest and village life, each flowing into one another. The different sections are brought together by a unified color palette and graphic flat colors for a contemporary feel.

Section 01: Culture
We showcased a variety of cultures from the five main islands on Indonesia, such as the Balinese dance, wayang puppets, and the Gamelan ensemble.
Section 02: City Life
This scene brings together homogenous aspects of Indonesian cities such as bustling traditional marketplaces and rows of street vendors. We opted to depict ordinary Indonesian figures you would encounter on the streets, bringing a genuine piece of everyday Indonesian life to the streets of LA.
Section 03: Ocean Animals
Indonesia’s rich biodiversity can be seen through its marine life. Our corals are renowned for its rich ecosystem.
Section 04: Forest
The same goes for terrestial animals and life, including more endemic animals plants, and insects. The komodo dragon and rafflesia flower are an iconic examples.
Section 5: Village Life
Close to nature, half of Indonesia’s population live in rural areas. We represent the scenery and life in this section.
In the village section, we also initiated a mini game - the farmer has lost his chickens, and as people walk through the street you can see the chickens in various activities and locations. Chickens are everywhere in Indonesia. Moreover, we went with a red and white chicken to represent Indonesia’s flag, and there are 17 in total to represent the country’s Independence date (August 17, 1945).
The chickens became a way to inject humor into the mural, and gave us the idea of designing a mascot for the Consulate based on this narrative. So we created Poki the chicken. He wears a kopiah cap, and is friendly, carefree and clumsy. He can become an educational tool for a younger audience, and represent the mural and Consulate in more informal engagements.

We believe this mural can open up avenues of communication that bridge the Consulate with its surrounding neighbors,
and that it serves as a positive representation of Indonesian diversity, pride and culture.

This mural can be seen on the walls of the Indonesian Consulate in LA

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