Under Current

Comic, Social Impact, Illustration

Sponsored by J. Craig Venter Institute︎︎︎, this project was the culmination of a 14-week exploration on the intersection of art and science. We were to design a project derived from multiple scientists’  lectures on the topic of symbiosis.

Interpreting a lecture on deep-sea lifeforms, particularly the Osedax and the idea of whale falls, the project took shape as a continuous vertical comic. It uses scientific concepts to fuel abstract contemplations on human nature and the poetry of living things. Whales serve as a narrative bridge for multifaceted concepts like symbiosis between Osedax and bacteria, whale carcasses as a thriving ecosystem, human impact of whale populations, amongst other things. Ultimately, it delves into the interconnectedness of living things. The continuous scroll of the comic lends itself to ideas of diving deeper through ocean currents, allowing playful transitions and color story.
︎︎︎Individual project; Research, Concept, Writing, Illustration

︎︎︎ Dr. Shana Goffredi

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